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ZinKlad1000 2

ZinKlad 1000

Zinc-nickel offers the greatest corrosion resistance of all the alloy finishes. It is often used as a substitute for cadmium although it does not offer the lubricity of cadmium nor its cosmetic appearance. It does offer high resistance to heat and UV light and does not promote galvanic corrosion when in contact with aluminum. It is considered a hard finish with good resistance to abrasion.

Modern Plating is an approved applicator for Zinklad 1000 and Zinklad 1000B


ZinKlad 500

Zinc-iron offers good weldability and ductility making it a good choice for components that will undergo subsequent manufacturing operations. It is often used on parts that are to be painted. It is the least expensive. Zinc-iron clear offers a good cosmetic appearance. Zinc-iron is most suitable for black chromate.

Modern Plating is an approved applicator for Zinklad 500