At Modern Plating Corporation in Illinois you can expect:

  • One of the largest Zinc Alloy Plating Facilities in the U.S.
  • Long-term business relationships with market leading customers
  • High quality and superior technical /customer service
  • Product finishing services:
    • barrel electroplating
    • organic coating (dip-spin process)
  • Market leader in the application of finishes for the transportation industry:
  • zinc & zinc alloys: zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, and tin-zinc
  • Specialize in finishing small metal components such as fasteners and stampings
  • Approved for a wide variety of specifications for all of the major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers
    • Many Zinc Nickel approvals!

At Modern Plating Coating & Finishes in Kentucky we:

  • Provide zinc plating using both barrel and a rack line
  • Use a Zinc Flake Dip Basket, Licensed applicator of:
    • Doerken high performance coatings
    • Geomet® zinc rich coatings
  • Specialize in zinc plating – Small metal components:
    • Fasteners and stampings with state-of-the-art barrel plating
  • We process on our rack line - alkaline zinc chemistry:
    • Complex shapes, larger stampings and other larger metal components with deep draws.